The Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services has issued a guidance for Mass employers who may wish to have their employees vaccinated. The guidance is not a mandate, and is fairly complex regarding steps employers must take to have their employees vaccinated.

The Guidance states that employers may partner with a vaccine provider, such as a pharmacy, to have the vaccine administered. The guidance states that “the best place to start is whomever administers flu vaccine to your employees every year.” Employers with health departments may administer the vaccine themselves, but they must enroll in the Massachusetts COVID-19 Vaccine program  or MCVP first.

Employers who choose to administer the vaccine themselves must have a chief medical officer to ensure compliance with the MCVP Provider Agreement. The employer must be able to administer 200 doses within 10 days, and be able to respond to vaccine reactions. They employer must also submit vaccine data to the Massachusetts Immunization Information System or MIIS.

Employers choosing to administer the vaccine themselves must submit a MCVP program to the state first. Also, M.G.L. c. 94C requires that a licensed provider with prescribing authority issue an order for administration of the COVID-19 vaccine. The employer must also put into place appropriate CDC recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in health care settings.

To access the full content of the state guidance, click here.