On Thursday, September 29, 2022, Massachusetts extended the paid sick leave program until April 1, 2022. The reason for taking such leave have also been broadened. Irrespective of the number of full-time employees an employer may have, the paid sick leave mandate requires Massachusetts employers provide another 40 hours of paid time off in order to deal with several COVID-19 related issues.

The new requirement applies to employees who must: 1) isolate themselves to cope with a COVID-19 diagnosis; 2) obtain the COVID vaccine or recover from any after-effects related thereto; 3) obtain treatment for COVID-19 symptomatology. Employees who fit the mandate’s requirements are also allowed paid time off to assist family who have COVID-19 symptoms.

New to this legislation is a requirement that employees be allowed paid time off to help family members with the vaccination process, as well as any negative health effects related to the vaccine itself.

Under the new mandate, all employees irrespective of size, are eligible for reimbursement by the state for monies spent to meet this new paid leave requirement.